<p>Simple web presentation Biomedical Science and Technology Park and VIDIA Incubator, which helps companies to research and market.</p>

AutoOffice website

<p>Presentation website for AutoOffice applications, which aims to introduce the application itself. It is based on simple design and clarity.</p>

Implementing an ad management system

<p>The largest Czech web recipe with recipes needed his owner to deploy an ad administration system. The deployment had two phases, the first was the deployment of a specialized solution for administration itself, the second part consisted in connecting the system to an existing portal.</p>

Room visualization

<p>We have modeled a non-existent apartment according to the client&#39;s wishes and made photographs that are indistinguishable from reality. The time when everyone could safely know what a photo is and what only visualization is leaving. Thanks to us you have the opportunity to be among the first to boast the highest quality visualization. You can find more on our website.</p>

Katerinská Orthopedics

<p>We were asked to create a simple web presentation for the emerging orthopedic surgery in the center of Prague. We designed the design, created a template and brought the web to life with the use of our own administration system. Of course there is a subsequent operation of the site and regular system updates.</p>

J&Z Flowers

<p>The flower shop website J&amp;Z Flowers has the task of presenting a portfolio of very smart Prague florists. They are able to prepare a bouquet for your birthday, for a wedding, but also for the floral decoration of the companies.</p>

RI-Okna - window visualization

<p>Our client prepared a new product catalog and needed to create uniform visualizations of all kinds of his windows - plastic, wooden and aluminum. The visualizations were realized according to the supplied drawings of the windows and the client&#39;s requirements for their appearance.</p> <p>Our goal was to produce windows in photorealistic quality.</p>

Marry Keys

<p>The Marry Keys music cable website was created as a replacement for the old presentation. The web is implemented on the wordpress platform and uses the gallery and news connected to facebook, which relieves the band of having to update two sites. Just add a post on facebook, tag it properly and the news will also appear on the website.</p>

Performance Optimization of Stream Comando Server

<p>We were asked to find out why the service, providing a guidepost for live broadcasts of all kinds, would cease handling visitors when the number of new arrivals exceeds 400 new clients every second. After analyzing the situation, we adjusted the server settings so that the same server handles 1500 newcomers every second without a problem.</p>

<p>Website for the Soham Personal Development Center serves as a presentation of events, seminars and workshops organized by the Center. The event management is implemented by the NewsFactory application and is common for the, website.</p>

U Kelta

<p>A web presentation of a boating camp in front of Česk&yacute; Krumlov At the Celt it needed to offer water sportsmen refreshment and accommodation options including a teepee and hot water baths in the open air.</p>

AutoOffice app

<p>AutoOffice is an application for order management, billing, budget planning and cash flow. Its goal is to allow smaller companies to work with orders clearly, to have an overview not only of generated orders, but also the status of issued invoices. More information can be found on the pages of</p>

Rande na míru

<p>The Website of the Tailor-made Project aimed to present the team&#39;s service offerings that focused on organizing and providing full service for organizing romantic evenings, weekends and trips for existing couples.</p>

Healthy Vision Center

<p>Our client wanted to innovate her three web presentations,,, A specific requirement was the need to manage and register events, seminars and workshops. We used the NewsFactory app to meet these requirements.</p>

Moms and babies

<p>Our client wanted to have her own web presentation for her own business - providing pre-maternal and postpartum care to mothers around Prague. In addition to the website itself, we also helped the client with the video upload to the homepage of her website.</p>

<p>The website has two goals. The first is to introduce the possibilities of cooperation with the fund by companies and individuals. The second goal is to enable applicants to sign up for events organized by the endowment fund. The __NewsFactory__ application is used to manage events and subscriber registration, which in this case allows for unified management of events on two other sister sites.</p>

<p>GoKartOpen&#39;s amateur go-kart races needed to let participants and new riders know when other races are taking place, what the current results list looks like and of course to allow competitors to sign up for the next race. The site automatically checks your bank account and credits your payments to the race application.</p>

Luxury wedding bouquet

<p>One-page presentation focused only on the offer of wedding bouquets and wedding decorations.</p>

Magdalena Vokáčová's campaign

<p>We were asked to help promote the coaching training of Magdalena Vok&aacute;čov&aacute;. The campaign was run through the Google search engine, Seznam and facebook.</p>

Elos Orchestr

<p>In order to create the Elos Technologies web presentation, we had the task of creating an interactive picture of an orchestra in which each section of the mouse plays specific musical instruments. The conductor starts the whole orchestra at the same time.</p>

Alfa Tomeš

<p>A simple web presentation with its own wordpress template was implemented for Karel Tome&scaron;&#39;s car service specializing in the repair and renovation of Alfa Romeo veterans.</p>

Reservation system for restaurants

<p>Our goal&nbsp;was to create a system that would allow a separate reservation for guests on the one hand, and gave an overview of the restaurant&#39;s occupancy to the operator on the other. Also, they must simply see which guest is sitting at which table to settle. It allows printing of daily overview as a backup solution in case of internet outage.</p>

<p>Web presentation of the project Holodeck Prague presenting its possibilities and offer to its clients. The project deals with the creation of virtual reality models and, of course, offers its clients a visit to virtual reality in their premises in Prague.</p>

Automated rendering of 3D models

<p>A client producing inflatable gates with a motive of his / her own choice was looking for a simple way to create a 3D model of his / her product, which he / she could attach to his / her own quotation.</p> <p>Because they usually produce gates in several predetermined dimensions, we were thinking about how to use them and thus simplify, accelerate and reduce the cost as much as possible.</p> <p>The solution is a simple web page, where the client uploads images that have to be &quot;wound&quot; on the model, then the rendering starts automatically and after a few minutes the client has the available visualization available for download.</p> <p>These visualizations are done on our hardware, so the client does not need to purchase any special hardware or software.</p>

Shaaze Massage

<p>Web presentations for the emerging Shaaze Massage Studio have been designed by our graphics in close collaboration with the studio owner, and subsequently deployed to our administration system so that they can manage their site content on their own. Again, hosting is an obvious part of the site delivery.</p>

Purchase process visualization

<p>As part of this site, we asked Visuallo to create an animation of the e-shop shopping process that we could show visitors to our website as an example of what our programmers are helping clients to solve.</p>

Internal order management system

<p>Our client needed to replace the existing, restrictive shared Excel, in which he recorded orders for repairs of mobile phones, tablets and notebooks.</p> <p>Together with the client, we designed a web application that now records their clients, all corrections including details - who performed the repair, when it was performed, at which branch the repair took place, how much the customer repaired, or what was the profit.</p> <p>They can easily upload photos of the device to the system, also use them to print custom sheets and repair documents.</p>

Manuela's Little Secrets

<p>Manuela has asked us to create a simple travel blog called Manuela&rsquo;s Little Secrets.</p>

Interconnection of two medical systems

<p>The goal was to connect two medical systems to exchange their data in real time.</p> <p>On the one hand, there is a hospital information system used by doctors to diagnose and treat patients, on the other hand, a system that allows patients to collect their blood pressure, blood sugar and many other indicators regularly at home.</p> <p>The problem was that the patient system had no way of making the collected data available to hospitals.</p> <p>We have designed and programmed this access or link.</p>

<p>The team of 2D and 3D graphic designers needed their own presentation website of their work. The pages were designed according to their own graphic design above our administration system.</p>

EET Cashier System

<p>We have created a comprehensive cashier solution for our clients, including the receipt of receipts to the EET system of the Ministry of Finance. The solution consists of tablet, printer, and cash register itself. Its biggest advantage is its independence from external systems and thus does not force its owner to pay any additional fees. It only requires a one-time investment.</p>

System for sale via Amazon

<p>Klient provozuj&iacute;c&iacute; řadu eshopů na prodej různ&eacute;ho zbož&iacute; se rozhodl roz&scaron;&iacute;řit sv&eacute; podnik&aacute;n&iacute; na Amazon.</p> <p>Na&scaron;&iacute;m &uacute;kolem bylo vytvořit syst&eacute;m, kter&yacute; bude nab&iacute;zet jednoduchou administraci nab&iacute;zen&eacute;ho zbož&iacute;, asistovat při cenotvorbě dle aktu&aacute;ln&iacute;ch cen v konkr&eacute;tn&iacute; zemi Amazonu, samozřejmou potřebou bylo propojen&iacute; se st&aacute;vaj&iacute;c&iacute;m syst&eacute;mem eshopů, abychom přede&scaron;li prodeji stejn&eacute;ho kusu zbož&iacute; dvěma z&aacute;kazn&iacute;kům.</p> <p>Syst&eacute;m pom&aacute;h&aacute; i skladn&iacute;kům v nalezen&iacute; zbož&iacute; ve skladu, jeho sprav&eacute;m zabalen&iacute; a př&iacute;pravě k odesl&aacute;n&iacute; vč. tisku &scaron;t&iacute;tku s adresou, objedn&aacute;n&iacute; svozu u dopravce a n&aacute;sledn&eacute; potvrzen&iacute; o odesl&aacute;n&iacute; bal&iacute;ku zpět do Amazonu.</p>

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