Software development

<p>We started out as analysts and application developers. Whether you need to interview dozens of people in the company and generate recommendations for organizational or procedural changes in the organization on the basis of collected data, or you needed to sell your goods on Amazon, we have always described how the process is going, we have translated it into IT Speech, Programmed, Tested, and Operated to deliver everything to your satisfaction.</p>

Graphic work

<p>To make our applications easy to use and look good, we have teamed up with graphics that design the ideal look and feel of web pages, create logos, business cards, promotional materials, as well as T-shirts or overalls. Likewise, he can conjure up great looking images from ordinary photos.</p>

3D graphics

<p>But sometimes even tuned photos are not meaningful. The solution is 3D visualization, for which it can create a computer model, illuminate it appropriately, give it the right materials and make a picture that is indistinguishable from the perfect photograph. In addition, the 3D model has the advantage that it can violate the laws of physics, thus surpassing even the best photographer.</p>

Virtual reality

<p>Photorealistic 3D models are great at presenting products. However, if you need to show your clients something bigger, such as a house, a production hall incl. equipment or office building, but neither yet exists, the solution is to &quot;build it&quot; in virtual reality and go through it with us. In virtual reality, you can walk through the city without leaving the room.</p>

About us

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